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Automotive Resin

A premium, rapid wet-out, tack free polyester resin. Thicker formula eliminates running and sagging. Use with fiberglass cloth, mat or tape to repair or rebuild. Liquid hardener included.

Benzoyl Cream Hardener

Hardening agent for polyester fillers. Blue (4 oz)., Red (2.75 oz.) or White (1 oz.).

Marineyard Resin

Universal repair resin used with fiberglass fabrics. Produces a hard, durable and permanent plastic finish. Purchase hardener separately.

Polyshield Resin

Premium, all-purpose polyester resin designed for general lay-up manufacturing as well as repair work. Polyshield is also suitable for spray-up operations and provides rapid wet-out, fast cure and excellent trim qualities.

White Gelcoat

White exterior gelcoat is pigmented with titanium dioxide. Will withstand good impact and light stabilized. Designed for mold operation. Wax solution must be added when using for repairs to provide sandability. Hardenener (MEKP) is included except with 55 gallon units.

Wax Solution

Polyester additive for laminating resin and gelcoat to produce a tack free surface.

MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide)

A fast acting, clear universal hardener for polyester resins.

Styrene (Resin Thinner)

A polyester additive for resin and gelcoat designed to improve brushability and flow control.

Polyurethane Foam

2 lb. density, Coast Guard recognized. Pour in place foam. 1:1 mix. Provides excellent flotation and insulation qualities. Not affected by gasoline or oil. May be coated with polyester resins.

Coloring Agents

Use with either epoxy or polyester resins to tint or match colors. Available in 1 and 4 oz. sizes.

Epoxy Glue

Exceptional adhesive will bond to almost any surface such as cement, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel and styrofoam. 1:1 mix. 45 minute pot life. After 24 hours, glued area can be drilled and tapped. Properties of material cured in 7 days. Compressive Strength = 15,300 psi, Tensile Strength = 5,100 psi, Flexural Strength = 7,680 psi.


Non-sag agent designed to prevent a liquid resin from running or sagging on a vertical surface. May be mixed into either polyester or epoxy resins.


Maroon colored, hollow, phenolic sphere used as a light weight, easily sanded filler. A small addition into resin will make a paste or putty. May be easily mixed into either polyester or epoxy resins.

Processed Mineral Fibers

Very small fibers that when mixed into a resin, produce a paste consistency with good non-sag properties and greater strength. May be mixed into either polyester or epoxy resins.


White, hollow microspheres used as lower cost displacement of resin, while not affecting the physical properties. An effective means of increasing volume while decreasing weight. May be easily mixed into either polyester or epoxy resins.

Brushes & Rollers

Brushes are disposable and come in a variety of sizes. Bubble Busters rollers available in aluminum or plastic.

Fiberglass Cloth

Provides high strength reinforcement when used with polyester and epoxy resins to repair fiberglass, wood or metal. Premium quality, woven for fast wetting with resins. Use on hulls, decks and cabintops to strengthen and waterproof. 6oz.

Fiberglass Mat

Reinforcement for polyester or epoxy resin. Mat is chopped strand, easy to handle on flat or curved surfaces. May be used with glass cloth or tape to build layers of laminate. Provides fast wet-out of resin. Available in 1.5 oz. or 3/4 oz.

Fiberglass Tape

Use with polyester or epoxy resin to cover seams and make small repairs. Same weave as fiberglass cloth. Woven with finished edge to give a professional looking repair.

Woven Roving & Fabmat

Provides repair with added reinforcement where extra strength is required. Unique blend of intertwined fiberglass strands to provide extra toughness. Provides fast wet-out of resin.







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