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Shim-Mask® Designed to quickly remove runs and sags without rubbing through, and protects the area around the paint or lacquer run while you sand or smooth.

Spray Heads & Bottles

Designed for professional use. Each spray head has heavy seals with spray pattern control. With proper care and cleaning, spray heads will provide desired performance with long life cycle.

Wool Buffing Pads Manufactured from 100% wool, 4 ply yarn. Curved buffing pads are trimmed for perfect balance. Made with a strong plastic backing that will not spin flat or crack after prolonged use and many washings.
Cross-Cut Pads Cross-cut foam pads reduce splattering while providing a smoother buffing action.  Polish can be loaded into the grooves of the pad for a more consistent application.  These pads are available in white or charcoal and are designed for use with any high-speed rotary machine.
Polishing Cloths Come in blue microfiber and yellow.
Tack Cloths Surgical blue cloths contain no oils, solvents, silicones or other materials that may affect surface adhesion. Compatible with all primers, primer surfacers and high solid coatings.
Panther Wipes A 1,050 foot role of 2-ply perforated paper towel. Four times more absorbent than cotton rags. Low lint. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box. Roll also fits most existing dispensers in the field.
Razor Blades Single edge blades, .009, manufactured from surgical carbon steel for clean sharp cutting. Made in USA.
Plastic Spreaders & Mixing Accessories This includes spreaders, squeegees, mixing boards and putty paddles.
Wood Paint Paddles Available in both Tennessee kiln-dried 12" hardwood, and imported 8" bamboo, both 500 per case.
Paint Strainers Top of the line, open tip nylon strainers for filtering conventional coatings. 190 micron.
"MT Cup" Mixing System Cups, sealing lids, strainer lids and paint sticks are made from polypropylene and impervious to solvents. Can be washed in gun cleaner. Measurement markings are embossed by the die, ensuring accurate measurements.
Empty Cans We offer both round steel cans and lids manufactured by B-Way, as well as F-Style cans.
Disposable Coveralls & Bunnysuits Spunbonded, breathable (SSPP) polypropylene, 1.5 oz. material with full front zipper, elastic wrist and straight legs. "Bunnysuits" include hood and booted feet.
Spray Socks A very lightweight, disposable head covering. Looser fitting, more comfortable and cooler than a standard spray sock. Painters who wear glasses will love this product!






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