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Acra Lac

Special solvent blend formulated for removal of road tar, oil, waxes, rubber cements, grease, adhesives, sealers, silicone and undercoating overspray.


A very powerful acid based product designed for cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces. Removes brake dust and road grime. Cannot be used on clear-coated aluminum. Will attack glass.

Clear Coat Wheel Cleaner

A high-tech formulation developed specifically for cleaning clear coated wheels. Removes road dirt and brake dust. Will not harm plastic. Biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Glass Cleaner

Formulated specifically for the automotive industry. Penetrates the pores of glass with tremendous lifting action. Removes waxes, silicone, dirt and light paint overspray.

Green Panther Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Accomplishes your total cleaning requirements. Superior foaming action. Can be diluted 10:1. Great as a degreaser and concrete cleaner. Finally one product to satisfy all of your cleaning tasks.

Re-New Rubber & Vinyl Dressing

Rubber and vinyl dressing excellent for restoring and protecting. Prevents tires, door seals and fan belts from weather cracking. Can be used as a sealer on engines. Will not crack or yellow.

Re-New 2 Water Based Silicone Free Rubber & Vinyl Dressing

Water based rubber and vinyl dressing.

Wash & Shine Car Soap

A highly concentrated car soap designed to produce heavy suds and cutting action. Leaves a shiny surface with very few water spots. Contains no silicone or wax. Low Ph. Safe for all painted surfaces.

White Sidewall Cleaner

Formulated to clean without affecting tires. Should be sprayed on or applied with a brush. Cut 50%.






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